Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flower Dog Collar Detachable Attachment

After the popularity of the Dog Bow Tie, I wanted to make something that was a little less formal but just as much fun!  Also, I know many of you don't use sewing machine; this project was completed using hand sewing only.  The flower attachment is detachable, so you can add it on and off your dogs existing collar any time you'd like.  It's perfect for any day you want to make your dog look more adorable than he or she already does.

This project is a great scrap buster if you have small amounts of fabric lying around that you want to use.

Materials:  Fabric, needle, thread, One Wrap Hook & Loop Fastening Tapehot glue

1.  Make 4 large fabric yo-yos and 1 smaller yo-yo.  The 4 large yo-yos will be the petals of your flower.  The smaller one will be the center.  Chose your fabric colors accordingly.  There are many ways to make a fabric yo-yo, if you don't know how.  I personally recommend Heather Bailey's Tutorial.  The 4" starting circle is perfect for the 4 large yo-yos.  I recommend using around a 3" starting circle for the smaller yo-yo.

2.  Sew the 4 large yo-yos together.  Place two of your yo-yos together with the pleated side facing.  Make a few whip stitches (I did 4) on one side to connect the two yo-yos together.  Tie off your thread.  Repeat until all 4 yo-yos have been connected to each other.

3.  Sew the small yo-yo into the center.  Place your small yo-yo in the center of the 4 attached yo-yos.  Use a running stitch to attach the center yo-yo.

4.  Cut 3"-4" of double sided fastening tape.

5.  Attach the velcro to the flower.  Place a drop of hot glue on the back of the center of the flower.  Press the fastening tape fuzzy side down into the glue.  Let glue cool completely.

6.  Attach the flower to your dog's collar, and tell them how pretty they are.

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