Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Memory Picture Frame

During most trips, you pick up little trinkets. You have no idea what to do with those things when you get home, but while you were at the beach you were certain you needed that pretty sea shell you found or that patch from the national park you visited.  Instead of letting those trinkets sit in a drawer and eventually get thrown away, you can turn them into a work of art.  I take the small things I collect on trips and decorate a picture from with them.  Then, I place a picture from that trip inside.  Hang it on the wall and it is an instant work of art and a great way to remember your trip.

Even if you scrapbook, this is a great project to do with all those times that aren't flat so they don't fit in the scrapbook.  Also, when you have guests over they might notice the frame on the wall and it gives you a great excuse to bring out your scrapbook and show it off.

Materials: Vacation trinkets, glue*, picture frame, picture

* To decide what glue to use I recommend check out this chart.

1.  Arrange your trinkets around the picture frame.  Move your items around and decide how they look best.  Once you start to glue, it is a pain to move things.  So, decide how you want everything to do before moving forward.

2.  Glue your trinkets in the proper location around the picture frame.  Make sure you are using the proper glue so you don't ruin your items or have them fall off your picture frame later.

3.  Let glue dry completely.  Do not rush the drying process.

4.  Clean the glass of your picture frame.  You probably got a lot of fingerprints or little bits of glue on the glass, so use some glass cleaner to clean it if necessary.

5.  Put a picture from your trip inside the picture frame.

6.  Hang your frame on the wall or display it on a shelf and enjoy!

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