Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunglasses or Glasses Wall Mount Display

I used to be a contacts wearer.  While I was wearing contacts, sunglasses were a bit of an obsession of mine.  I could not walk by a rack of sunglasses without wanting to buy a pair.  About 6 months ago, I went to the eye doctor thinking my vision had once again change because I was having trouble seeing.  Turned out, my eyes were so severely inflamed that it was effecting my vision.  After a prescription to reduce the inflammation, it was determined that I could no longer be a full time contact wearer.  I'm still allowed to wear contacts for special occasions, but not every day.  This means that I don't get to wear all my exciting sunglasses any more. I transitioned my obsession for sunglasses into an obsession for glasses.  I now fancy myself the next Penelope Garcia (see the similarities?!):

My glasses collection may be growing slowly, but it was taking up a lot of counter space that I simply didn't have.  I didn't want my glasses to meet the fate that many of my sunglasses had (bent, scratches, etc.) from being improperly stored.  My solution?  A glasses/sunglasses wall mounted display. It keeps all my glasses/sunglasses clean, safe, and easily accessible.  I'm no carpenter, so I decided to find something that was already made and re-purpose it for my own use.  This project is so easy and perfect for all you glasses or sunglasses loving people out there.  This design will fit between 6-12 pairs of glasses or sunglasses depending on the size.  You'll be glad you did it.

Materials:  Display Case with Shelves, ruler, picture hanging hardware, level, pencil

Note:  Michael's always has sales and coupons.  You should not pay full price for this display case.  I only paid $25.

1.  Decide where you want the display case to go on the wall.  Hold it up to this point on the wall.  Using a level, level it at this point.  Using a pencil, draw a line at the top of the display case.  Draw this line all the way across the top.  Note:  You may need someone else to help you with this step.

2.  Measure the distance the middle of the hangers on the back are from each other and from the sides of the display case.  Remember these numbers; write them down if necessary.

3.  On the line you drew in step one, make a mark where each of the middle of the hangers are.  Measure to make sure the distances between your marks lines up with the measurements you took in step two.

4.  Place your picture hanging hard wear on the marks you just made.  I put the bottom on my hooks on the line so that the top of my display case would be just about on the line.  Place a level on this hooks to make sure you're still level.

5.  Carefully, attach your display case hangers to picture hanging hard wear you put in the wall.  It may take you a few tries to get both hangers on the hooks.  Patience is a virtue.  Use your level one last time to make sure everything is level.

6.  Put your glasses/sunglasses in your display case and enjoy!

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