More About Me

I think crafting makes life better

That's why I started this blog.

My mom inspired my love for all things craft related early on in life.  She taught me how to sew.  She bought me craft kits for holidays.  She found a craft to do at all my birthday parties.  Crafts made my childhood better. If you're a mom, I bet crafts will make your child happy, too.

As an adult, crafts keep me sane and on a budget.  Find pants at the thrift store that fit but are Bootcut instead of Skinny?  I can fix that.  Want chic vintage lamps?  I can make those.  Do not want throw away your college T-shirts but don't know what to do with them?  I do.  The thing is, you can do it, too!  For so many problems I have, there is a craft solution.  Why reinvent the wheel when I want to tell you how I made the wheel?

Speaking of reinventing the wheel, I don't believe in reinventing it in my own life either.  So, some posts will be about how another person's craft or sewing tutorial worked out for me or how I was able to edit it to suit my purposes.  However, so many times I see something I want to make and can't find a tutorial.  I know that's happened to you, too.  In those cases, I will post a step by step tutorial for you to follow with pictures if you want to make it yourself.  Hopefully, it will make your life better.

I'm the Sewing Contributor on Think Crafts.  The projects I post there won't be posted here, so be sure to keep with me over there.

Random Facts:
  • My name is Courteney.  I didn't use my full name because having a name everyone spells wrong in a url is a horrible idea.
  • I'm a huge Harry Potter fan; my dog is named Padfoot.  Expect lots of Harry Potter and dog related crafts.
  • I'm a high school science teacher.  I apply the scientific method to my crafting.
  • I studied abroad in South Africa in college.  My biggest regret is not bringing fabric back to make crafts with.
  • I consider myself an amateur photographer.  Taking pictures for my blog is good practice.
  • More to come...

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