Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chalkboard Picture Frame Hanger

Picture frames are great for displaying pictures on your walls.  However, getting them level and in the right place can be hard.  Then a few months later, I want to change the picture in the frame making me find the hook and level all over again.  After Christmas, I didn't want to take my Chalkboard Stocking Wall Hanger down because it fit just perfectly in that place on my wall.  So, I set out to find a way to repurpose it for year round usage.  Using it to hang picture frames during the year was the perfect solution!  Picture frames are easy to re-hang every time I want to change the pictures, and I can easily change the message about the pictures depending on the season (or my mood!)  It looks great and gives me one less thing to put up and down during Christmas this year.

Materials:  Chalkboard Stocking Wall Hanger, Pictures Frames, Ribbon, Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun, Pictures, Chalk

1.  If you didn't make my Chalkboard Stocking Wall Hanger follow that tutorial and make your own.

2.  Write a message on your chalkboard.  You can use my tutorial on How to Write on a Chalkboard Like a Pro for an amazing result.  That's how I did my monogram.

3.  Cut your ribbon to the length you want each from to hang.

4.  Hot glue the ribbon to the frame.  I recommend hot gluing the ribbon in to the frame directly and not onto the cardboard backing.  This will lessen the likelihood of having a frame fall and break.

5.  Place your picture inside the frame.

6.  Hang a picture frame over each knob.

7.  Enjoy your new piece of wall art!

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