Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Write on a Chalkboard Like a Pro

I live in an apartment.  So, I have restrictions about what I can do to the walls.  I love all the chalkboard paint trends that are going on right now, but I can't put chalkboard paint on my walls without losing my security deposit.  When I solved that problem (5 Chalkboard Ideas), I realized that I couldn't free hand the awesome chalkboard fonts I've seen around town.  I solved that problem, too.  Keep reading to find out how to save your walls, have a chalkboard, and have it look super cool.

Materials:  chalk, printer, paper, pencil

1.  Find a font you want to use online and download it.  I personally used this font.

2.  Type what you want to write into a Word document.  Put it in the chalkboard font you downloaded.  Increase the font size until it's the size you want.  Print it out.

3.  If you need to, cut out your words so they will fit the way you want them to on your chalkboard.

4.  Trace the back side of your words with chalk.  Flip over your printed words.  Using your chalk, completely color in your word with chalk.

5.  Transfer your printed words to the chalkboard.  Carefully, tape your words to the chalkboard printed side out.  Take a pencil and trace over the printed words on the chalkboard.  Apply pressure while doing this.  This will cause the chalk you wrote with on the back side to be lightly transferred to the chalkboard.

6.  Remove your printed words and you should be left with chalk lettering of your words.

7.  Using your chalk, trace over the transfer to making it darker and more prominent, if necessary.  If you aren't satisfied with how regular chalk is working, chalk pens can give you a cleaner line.

8.  Add any other designs you want.  Enjoy your chalkboard lettering...until you want to change it.  Just wipe clean and start all over again!

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