Thursday, February 12, 2015

Get Rid of Clothes You Don't Wear

I try and reuse and repurpose as many items as I can before I throw them away.  That's where my Wire Shelving Shelf Liner came in.  I can come up with crafts that would use lots of useless junk, but I always have to ask myself if I'm ever ACTUALLY going to do that project...The answer is usually no.  Clothes are one of the hardest for me.  I keep telling myself that I'll wear it next year or that I can use the fabric in a craft project and save myself some money.  Neither of those two things usually happen.  Since I like shopping (a lot), I have to get rid of clothes because my closet space is maxed out as is.  So, I wanted to share my solutions with you for only keeping the clothes you wear and getting rid of the ones you don't (and hopefully make a little money in the process).

What clothes do you actually wear?
It is so easy to convince yourself that you have worn something that you haven't for a year or more.  The truth is, if you haven't worn something during that season, you're not going to wear it next year either.  This obviously doesn't apply to super occasion specific outfits, but is definitely true for your daily wear.  So, how do you keep track of the clothes you've worn during a season?  It's so easy!

Hang all of your clothes with the hanger hooked in backwards.  See the picture below to see what I mean.

This will take a little bit of a time investment, but it's worth it.

As you wear clothes and put them back in the closet, hang them back the way you normally would.

At the end of a season, you can easily see that you didn't wear any of the clothes still on a backward hanger.  These are clothes that you need to get rid of.  Closet space is precious and you shouldn't be holding on to things that you're not wearing.

What do I do with the clothes I want to get rid of?

Pull all of the clothes you are getting rid of out of your closet.  Then, I separate my clothes into a "Donate" pile and a "Twice" pile.

  1. Twice is a website that sells used "brand name" clothing.  I shop from them pretty regularly and love them.  However, they buy the stuff they sell from people like you trying to clean out their closets.  I go through all my clothes I'm getting rid of and anything that's one of their accepted brands and in good condition goes in my Twice pile.  I request a Selling Kit and ship my clothes to them.  Within a few weeks, you'll get an offer on your clothes.  You can accept the offer in cash or store credit (with a 25% increase in the offer amount).  I sent clothes there recently and received over $60 for clothes I wasn't wearing!  If you're interested in buying or selling with Twice, please use my link:  We'll both get some store credit which makes everyone happy.
  2. Donate pile.  Any clothes that I cannot send to Twice go to my local Goodwill.  They are always super helpful and even come out to your car to help you unload. 
I know, I know.  This post had nothing to do with crafting, but I hope you found the information so helpful that you're not really bothered by that!

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