Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fixing a Fallen Hem

Not too long ago, I had a no good, horrible, very bad day.  I should have moved to Australia.  It all started out when I stepped out of my car at work and heard some small pops.  I quickly realized that my hem at completely fallen.  Luckily, I keep safety pins in my desk drawer and pinned my hem up for the rest of the day.  Thankfully, fixing a fallen hem is super easy.  Don't give the garment away or drive to the alterations place and pay money to have the hem fixed.  Follow this easy tutorial and you can fix any fallen hem.

Materials:  Iron, Thread (in the same color as your garment), Needle, Garment

1.  Iron the fallen hem back in place.  This is prevent you from sewing your hem down unevenly.

2.  Cut your thread.  Cut it approximately twice the length of the area of the fallen hem.

3.  Flip your garment so the inside of the hem in facing you.  Put the needle through the folded over portion of the hem.

4.  Put the needle through only 2-3 threads of the fabric from the outside of the garment.  This will keep your stitch invisible (why it's called the Blind Stitch).

5.  Pull the thread through and repeat until you have fixed your hem.

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