Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Wreath

I was commissioned by J's mom to make a wreath for her brother's upcoming nuptials in May.  I wanted to make a wreath that was filled with spring spirit so they could use it as a wreath on their front door in the future.  I am so excited with how the wreath turned out, I wanted to show you how to make your own.  It is the perfect wreath for any front door during the spring and summer.  It also makes a great Mother's Day gift, if you still haven't gotten something for your mom!

Materials:  Grapevine wreath, Wooden letter, Long stem flowers, Short bunched flowers, Florist wire, Hot glue, Strong Scissors.

1.  Cut your bunch of long stem flowers in half.  Take one half of the flowers and attach them to your wreath using florist wire.  Bend the flowers to fit the shape of your wreath.  Attach points with florist wire and/or wind the flowers into the wreath.

2.  Repeat with the second half of your long stem flowers going the opposite direction on your wreath.

3.  Cut your bunched flowers so that the stems are about 4" long.  Arrange the flowers into a cluster at the point where the two groups of long stemmed flowers overlap.  Simply stick the stems into the wreath and make sure it is secure.

4.  Attach florist wire (about 8" per piece) to the back of your wooden letter using hot glue.  Note the points where the letter touches the wreath and place hot glue and wire at these locations.  I ended up with three place in a diagonal on my H.

5.  Let the hot glue cool completely.

6.  Place your letter in the appropriate spot on your wreath.  Wrap the wire around the wreath and twist it together to secure it in the back.  You can  cut down the florist wire once you're finished.

7.  Hang the wreath by the method of your choosing and enjoy!

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