Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Stencils

I had a project I wanted to do (Monogram Wall Art) that required large stencils.  I went to my local Micheal's and they didn't have any large ones.  I looked online and found large stencils but only in that stencil font.  Since necessity is the mother of invention, I set out to make my own stencils.  The best part is, you can make them in any size or font you want!

Materials:  Computer, Printer, Paper, Poster Board, Pencil/Pen, Razor Blade

1.  Select a font and size of letter you want on the computer.  Print this letter out.

2.  Tape the printed letter to the poster board.

3.  Trace the printed letter using a pencil or a pen.  Make sure you're pressing hard enough to leave an indentation in the poster board.

4.  Remove the printed letter.  You should clearly see the indentation in the poster board.  If you're have trouble seeing it, trace the indentation with a pencil.

5.  Using a razor blade, cut out the letter.

6.  Cut your poster board down to a smaller size and use your stencil!

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