Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monogram Wall Art

I am a hopeless dog lover.  For this reason, I let my dog get on and off the bed all the time and we even play on the bed.  Although this is fun and adorable, it isn't great for comforters.  So, I had to buy a new comforter.  I found a great comforter, but then my Large Initial Canvases didn't match!  I love those, but they were a lot of work.  I wanted easy but personal above the bed art.  I found linen canvases at Micheal's and felt inspired!  The linen is so pretty; I wanted it to speak for itself, so with a little paint I had perfect bed art!

Materials:  DIY Stencil Materials, 2- Linen Stretched Canvas 12X12, 1-Linen Stretched Canvas 16X20, Tape, Sponge Brush, Acrylic Paint

1.  Create your initial stencils following the DIY Stencils tutorial.  Make the stencil for you last name larger (mine is about 9"x 11").  Make the other two initials (each your first and middle initial or you and your significant others first initials) the same size.

2.  Center your stencil on the canvas.  Tape it down so it does not move.  You may want to add extra tape to avoid paint bleeding later.

3.  Using the sponge brush and the acrylic paint, paint your letter on the canvas.  Do not use too much paint or you will get bleeding.

4.  Remove the stencil and let dry completely.

5.  Repeat Steps 2-4 for the remaining two canvases.

6.  Hang on your wall with the last initial in the center

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