Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Refinishing a Chest

J's mother was kind enough to let us have a lovely cedar chest when we bought our house.  It worked great in the entry way and has been great storage.  Unfortunately, the color the chest was stained did not really go with the rest of the decor in our house.  So, I decided to refinish the chest to breathe new life into a lovely piece of furniture.



1.  Sand down the entire chest.  You will need to sand the parts you are staining (in my case the lid and feet) all the way down to the wood, removing all the poly and stain.  You do not have to sand the part you are chalk painting (in my case the middle) quite as completely, but you want an even surface.  I removed the lid from my chest to making sanding and later staining easier.

2.  Now, you may be smoother with a paint brush than I am, but I taped off the bottom part of my chest before I started painting to keep a clean line and avoid mistakes.  This did mean I couldn't apply stain and paint at the same time which increased the time of my project.

3.  Following the instructions on the chalk paint, paint the middle section.  I ended up using three coats to get a finish I liked.  If you are using tape, wait until the chalk paint in completely cured (follow the instructions on the can) before taping off again to do the stain.

4.  Following the instructions on the stain, stain the lid and feet off the chest.  I ended up using two coasts of stain.  Allow stain to completely cure before moving on.

5.  Following the instructions on the polyurethane, apply poly to stained areas.  I ended up using three coats of poly.

Optional Stenciling Instructions:

6.  I created on own custom stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and Stencil Vinyl.  However, you could easily buy a premade stencil as well.

7.  Apply your stencil to the front center of your chest.  This method will vary depending on the material your stencil is made of.

8.  Apply your second color of chalk paint over the stencil.  Do not remove the stencil until you are satisfied with the color of your paint.  I used two coat of paint.

9.  Carefully remove your stencil.

Enjoy your new beautiful and personalized chest!

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