Thursday, January 8, 2015

Autographed Concert Ticket Art

Another commonly autographed item at concerts is concert tickets.  So, as I continue to clean out drawers, I wanted to do something with my concert tickets to declutter but still keep them safe.  With few exceptions, most people print their ticket out at home making the tickets 8.5" x 11".  This works perfect for framing, but even if you printed in color concert tickets are not exactly eye catching.  However, I have a solution to this problem.  As mentioned in my previous post, CD Cover Art is very eye catching.  Also, incorporating it into your project will let anyone who sees it more readily identify who the autograph is from.  I bought a document frame with room for a picture from Michael's (use a coupon if frame aren't on sale).  I turned the frame so it was portrait and placed my tickets in the correct opening.  Then, I took the CD Cover from one of the artist's albums (the same album as the tour if possible) and placed it in the picture opening.  It looks great on the wall, and I'm happy that I no longer need to worry about my tickets being ruined in a junk drawer.

Is there something you want to frame, but don't know how to frame it?  Comment and I'll be glad to rack my brain for you!

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