Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Autographed CD Art

In my concert going heyday, I ended up with a lot of autographed stuff.  Since that time, it has been sitting in piles in drawers just gathering dust.  One of the easiest things to get autographed at a concert is CD inserts (because this was before everything was bought in mp3 only).  CD inserts are already pretty artistic and an autograph makes them even better.  So, I thought why not turn them into wall art?  It will help me decorate my walls and will help me declutter a drawer.  What made this project even easier is that Micheal's has CD Display Cases for purchase.  Now, I smile when I see my favorite bands or past and present on my walls and feel relieved to have one less thing in my drawers.  On to my next decluttering project!

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