Monday, October 27, 2014

Thumbtack Pumpkin with Swirls

Looking for an unconventional but classy looking way to decorate a pumpkin this fall?  Thumbtacks are perfect!  I use approximately 200 thumbtacks to create this pumpkin, but it was so easy.  I recommend using a foam pumpkin, but a real pumpkin will work, too.  If you're not confident in your free-handing abilities, you can draw the swirls on your pumpkin ahead of time.  Then, just stick the thumbtacks in your pumpkin creating swirls and whirls.  Make sure to overlap the thumbtacks slightly so they flow nicely.  If you don't like one of your swirls, just remove the thumbtacks and start over!  I did a couple of times.  It's the perfect classy and unique decorated pumpkin.  The best part?  This design will last you all the way through Thanksgiving, if you used a foam pumpkin!  Decorations that can be used for multiple holidays are a great for saving money, time, and space!

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