Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Cooler Bowl

Drinks are an essential part to any party.  Why not add a Halloween twist?  You can easily turn a pumpkin into the perfect cooler to keep your drinks cold while your Halloween bash heats up.  You can use one large pumpkin or lots of smaller ones to place all around your party space.  Either way, your guest will be impressed with your creativity and DIY skills!

Materials:  Pumpkin (real or styrofoam), serrated knife, bowl, ice, drinks

1.  Using your serrated knife, cut the top off your pumpkin.  You want to make your cut about 1/3 of the way down.  Cut all the way around your pumpkin as evenly as possible.

2.  If you're using a real pumpkin clean all the "gunk" out of the inside of your pumpkin.

3.  Place a bowl inside your pumpkin,  The bowl should be as close in size to the diameter of your pumpkin as possible.  The bowl helps ensure that you don't end up with water everywhere if you pumpkin has a crack or hole in it.

4.  Add ice to the bowl

5.  Add your drinks and some more ice.

6.  Watch your guests be impressed with your practical and functional Halloween decoration.

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