Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leaf Covered Pumpkin

Fall makes me think of lots of wonder things.  However, two of my favorite things about fall are pumpkin everything and the leaves changing colors.  Why not combine them into one awesome decoration?  You can rock a pumpkin all fall long, not just for Halloween.  So, get a last minute Halloween decoration and a jump start on your Thanksgiving decorating with this great pumpkin.  Since you won't be cutting into the pumpkin, you will get to enjoy it for quite awhile.  Make them in a variety of sizes and you could have an impressive Thanksgiving tablescape.

Materials:  Soft leaves*, pumpkin (real or styrofoam), Mod Podge, paint brush
Optional:  Blow dryer

*Leaves that are too hard or brittle will not work well for this project because they will not easily conform to the shape of the pumpkin.

1.  If you're using a real pumpkin, clean it off to get rid of any dirt.

2.  Paint a layer of Mod Podge on your pumpkin.

3.  Place a leaf on top of the Mod Podge.

4.  Cover the leaf with another layer of Mod Podge.

5.  Repeat for all of your leaves.

6.  Let dry.  If you're in a hurry or some of your leaves are having trouble sticking, use a blow dryer.  This will cause your Mod Podge to dry faster and allow you to press some leaves down when the Mod Podge is tacky.

7.  Enjoy your beautiful pumpkin!

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