Monday, October 20, 2014

5 DIY Halloween Party Ideas

Thinking of throwing a Halloween bash?  There are so many great ideas out there for Halloween parties.  It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the ideas out there.  Here are my top 5 ideas for your Halloween soiree.  Looking for a crafty way to keep the drinks cold at your fall party?  Check out my Pumpkin Cooler Bowl Tutorial!

1.  What would be creepier than your guests seeing their own heads in a jar?  Not much.  This tutorial walks you through how to edit loved ones photos to make this creepy craft.  If your not very photo savy, you can use the already done image and still have a great decoration

2.  These may take a little bit of work, but the result looks well worth it.  These Crystal Ball Candlesticks will be the perfect table decoration at your monster bash.

3.  As a Forensic Science teacher, I love a good blood spatter pattern.  A bloody mess makes for great decoration but a lot of clean-up.  This tutorial allows you to create some great bloody hand prints without all the mess to clean-up later.

4.  Looking to make some decorations out of supplies you already have?  These spider webs are cheap and easy to make.  Grab a trash bag and a pair of scissors.  You will have spooky decor in no time.

5.  Do you have friends that always show up without costumes and kind of kill the spooky vibe?  By just purchasing a few inexpensive supplies you can easily help any uncostumed into vampires!

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