Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Leaf Covered Candle Jar

Fall leaves are still on my mind.  As the wind blows them past my window, I instantly start thinking of more crafts I can do to enjoy them inside my space.  I also love all the fall scents in candles right now, and on cold day, the glow of a candle just makes me feel slightly warmer.  So, I wanted to combine the two into one great craft.  You could make these in a variety of shapes and sizes to have one killers Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Materials:  Small glass jar, leaves (fake works best), hot glue, ribbon/twine, tea light/small candle

1.  Figure out how many leaves you need to cover your glass jar.  Prop the leaves up around the jar to get an idea of wear you want them to go.

2.  Using hot glue, glue the leaves to the jar.  Lower temperature hot glue will work better if your glass is thin; high temperature hot glue might crack the glass.  Press the leaves into the hot glue.

3.  Let glue dry and cool completely.

4.  Wrap the ribbon/twine around your jar until you're happy with the length.  There are a variety of ways you can put the ribbon or twine on your jar.  For twine, you can wrap it around multiple times and just tie in place with a knot or a bow.  For ribbon, you could wrap it around the jar and just glue it down so you don't have to mess with a knot or bow; if you're good at bows, you could always tie a nice bow.

5.  Place a tea light or small candle in your jar.

6.  Enjoy for fall themed candle!

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