Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboards used to be something that people hated.  They made you think of school and the sound a chalk screeching on the board.  But as school have transitioned to white boards, the chalkboard has been gaining popularity.  It has become the perfect paint for playrooms and a great decorating tool.  Keep reading to see my Top 5 uses for a chalkboard in your living space that don't involve painting your walls.  Just click on the pictures to check out the websites I've featured.  Once you've made your perfect chalkboard, learn how to write on it like a pro.

1.  Chalkboard wall decals are the perfect way to easily put a chalkboard on your wall.  I personally used the 18" x 26" Decal by Two Berry Creative.  I highly recommend it.  It promised to be easily removable and repositionable without ruining the walls and it delivered.  I moved it around multiple time before I got it where I wanted it, and it never left a mark.  This is the easiest way to bring the chalkboard trend to your living space.

2.  I love combining something simple with something fancy; it's the perfect combination.  This magnetic chalkboard frame is perfect if you feel the same way.  Did I mention it's magnetic?  Because that's a huge plus for me.

3.  Want a chalkboard that's more than just a place to draw and leave loves note to your significant other?  This chalkboard is totally vintage chic and also super practical.  Keep your life and some of your things organized with this beautiful chalkboard project.

4.  Chalkboard aren't only for hanging on walls; they're also great decorations.  Decorate your living space for fall with this project.  You can easily transition it from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas by just changing what you write and draw on it.  A decoration that can last you through three holidays is always a good deal.

5.  You can show your love of chalkboards to the world with this project.  Hang it on your door.  Write whatever you want.  Change what you write on it as the seasons change.  You could even go with a neutral ribbon, so you could add different accents for each season.

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