Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Fire Starters

I love camping!  Fall is one of the best times of the year to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.  To me, an essential part of camping is a campfire.  I cook my meals over the fire, sit around it when I'm cold, and most importantly roast marshmallows.  The problem is, campfires can be tricky to start without proper kindling.  I've used a lot of different methods depending on the material I've had available.  These do cost some money but are great fire starters.  The state parks around me even something similar, but you can easily make them yourself for cheaper.  I recommend making as many as you can, storing them, and only bringing what you need on each trip.

How to Make:

Materials:  Cupcake tin, Cupcake wrappers, dryer lint, candle wax, birthday candles/candle wicks

1.  Place 3-4 cupcake wrappers in each place in the cupcake tin.  You want to use more cupcake wrappers because the wax will soak through the wrappers.

2. Fill each cupcake wrapper with dryer lint until it is at the top of the cup.

3.  Melt your wax according to the package instructions.   Melt enough wax to cover all of your lint in each cupcake wrapper.

4.  Pour the wax into each cupcake wrapper.  Pour enough wax in to encompass the dryer lint.

5.  Put wicks in the dryer lint and wax.  If you have candle wicks, use those.  Since I don't make candles and didn't want to buy anything extra, I just break apart birthday candles and use the wick from them.

6.  Allow the fire starters to cool completely in the cupcake tin.  Do not move them until they are completely cool.

7.  Once cooled, remove the fire starters from the cupcake tin and place in a cool dry place.  I store mine in a gallon resealable bag with my camping stuff.

How to Use:

1.  Place one fire starter in the center of your fire pit.  This will serve as your kindling.

2.  Place smaller sticks around the fire starter like you normally would with any other kindling.

3.  Light the fire starter.  Light the wick and the outside edges of the cupcake wrapper.  This will cause your dryer lint and wax to catch fire.

4.  Keep adding larger sticks and logs until you have a great fire!

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