Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Posters into Paintings

If you're like me, you have champagne tastes and a box wine budget.  This means I upcycle whatever I can to make relatively inexpensive things look more expensive.  One of the easiest things to do this with is wall decor.  Paintings are very expensive.  Even an unknown artist will cost you a couple hundred bucks if it looks good.  However, posters of famous paintings are that expensive, but look very cheap and just scream "college dorm room".  The good news is, for not that much more money, you can transform a poster into a painting in just a few simple steps.

Materials:  Poster of a painting, Stretched canvas that is the same size of your poster (if you can't get it the exact same size, go larger), acrylic paint, paint brush, scissors, Mod Podge Brushstroke, Matte Finish

1.  Paint your canvas(es) in the acrylic paint color of your choice.  The paint color should go with the painting.  I tend to go with black paint because it's a clean and classic look.  Paint your canvas including the sides.

2.  Let canvas(es) dry completely.  If you're on a time crunch, you can just the blow dryer to speed up the process.

3.  Cut your poster down to size, if necessary.  Many posters of famous artwork have edging on the sides or something; cut the poster so you only see the artwork.

4.  Put a layer of Mod Podge down on your canvas.

5.  Center and place your poster on top of the layer of Mod Podge.  Make sure your don't have any air bubbles.

6.  Mod Podge over the poster on the canvas,  This type of Mod Podge is designed to show brushstrokes, so trace the Mod Podge over your poster following in the lines of painting.  This will give your poster the extra dimension that real paintings have.  Mod Podge dries clear so don't be afraid to leave some thick parts behind.

7.  Let the Mod Podge dry completely.  You can add a few layers of Mod Podge to make the effect more pronounced, if necessary.  Let each layer dry before adding another layer.

8.  If the edges of the poster on the canvas are very obvious, take some of the paint you put on the canvas and lightly feather brush it over and into the painting.  This will help blend the edges.  Let this dry completely.

9.  Hang your new "paintings" on the wall!

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