Monday, September 22, 2014

5 DIY Wall Art Projects

This week, I'm still working on decorating some bare wall in my apartment.  Below are some great ideas I stumbled across on how to create some beautiful but inexpensive art for your walls.  Just click on the pictures to get the tutorial.  Although, I'm personally fond of my tutorial on how to takes posters into paintings.

1.  Do you have the photography bug like I do and you're looking for an different way to show off your photographs than just framing.  This is a great way to display pictures that is inexpensive and looks great!

2.  I love using a lot of color.  I also love glitter.  This project combines those two things together!  This could be great in a kids room or play room.

3.  I have way more scrapbook paper than one person really should, but it comes in handy for so many projects!  Scrapbook paper is pretty inexpensive and can even be bought in individual sheets in order to get the perfect color combination to match your decor.

4.  Quotes and song lyrics are a great way to express yourself.  With just few a few materials, you can turn your favorite song or quote into a work of art.  I would personally go to my local thrift store and find a piece of artwork to use in this project to save money.  You could use any color paint (not just white) to complete this project.

5.  Paint samples are always so tempting in home improvement stores.  I always see some many colors I love but know I will never paint my walls.  Now, there's something you can do with all those paint swatches!

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