Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shell Necklaces

My family has been going to the beach during the summer pretty consistently my entire life.  I have jars and bags of shells all over.  Yet, every time we go, I wander up and down the beach and collect more shells.  I can't help myself.  I decided to finally do something with my beach found treasures.  In my previous blog post, Memory Picture Frame, I used some of my beach collection to decorate a picture frame.  However, some shells are destined for another purpose.  When I saw this piece of sand dollar and this shell,  I knew they needed to be made into separate necklaces.

I pass so many shells with large holes in them on the beach.  They are perfect of making into necklaces.  I never thought much about either of the necklaces I made them into until I got a ton a compliments on them at work.  So, find a shell with a good size hole in it and enjoy the compliments you'll get.

Shell on a Leather Cord

Materials:  Leather cord, Cord End CapsJewelry Beading Pliers (you could use needle nose pliers), 2 jump rings, 1 lobster clasp

1.  Cut your leather cord to the desired length.  Mine is 18" long.

2.  Fold you leather cord in half.  Thread the fold end through the hole in your shell.

3.  Pull the two ends through the folded leather cord.  Pull tightly.

4.  Check to make sure you like the length of your necklace.  It will get slightly longer when you add the finishings.

5.  Fold on cord end cap onto each end of your leather cord using your pliers.  Fold each side over and press flat.

6.  Place one jump ring onto one end cap.  Use the end of your pliers to just open the jump ring slightly.  Slip it into the hole in the end cap.  Gently use the tip of the pliers to close the jump ring back.

7.  Place the lobster clasp onto the other end cap.  Open another jump ring and slip it on the end cap.  Place the lobster clasp on the jump ring.  Gently use the tip of the pliers to close the jump ring back.

8.  Put on your new necklace!

Shell on a Chain

Materials:  Shell, necklace chain

1.  Thread the small end of your necklace chain through the hole in your shell

2.  Wear your shell necklace

Okay, I realize that was so easy you didn't really need a tutorial, but I was shocked when people told me they had never thought of it!

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