Thursday, December 11, 2014

Initial Christmas Wreath

People often ask me if I always make things myself.  The answer is NO!  If I can find something already made that is inexpensive and what I'm looking for, I buy it.  My trick is taking something store bought and just adding small features to make it individual to you!  Christmas wreaths are the perfect example of this philosophy.  There are so many cute and fairly inexpensive ones that you can buy in the store today ready to hang.  To make the wreath look personalized and custom made, you can simply add a wood letter initial.  Follow this tutorial to take your store bought wreath or any wreath you're looking to dress up to the next level.

Materials: Wreath, Wooden letter (same size as the center of your wreath), gardening wire, hot glue
Optional: Paint and glitter

1.  Paint and glitter your wooden letter.  This step is completely optional and all depends on the style you want your wreath to be.  I wanted my letter painted and glittered to go with the look of my wreath.  Let your paint dry completely before moving forward.

2.  Cut your gardening wire into 12" strips,  Cut as many pieces as you need to attached your letter to the center of your wreath.  With a "H"  4 strips will work best.  Essentially, look at the areas of your letter that touch the sides of your wreath and cut that many pieces of wire.

3.  Bend all the wires in half.

4.  Hot glue your wires to the areas of the letter that touch the sides of your wreath.  Place the bent middle part of the wires in the hot glue.  Let the glue cool completely before moving on.

5.  Open the wires up and place your letter in the center of your wreath.  One side of the wire should be going over the front of the wreath; the other side of the wire should be going towards the back of the wreath,

6.  Wrap your wires around the wreath and have them meet in the back.  Twist the wires together to secure them in place.  Do you best to hide the wire on the front side in the design of your wreath.  Repeat this step for all of your wires.

7.  Hang your wreath on your door to spread holiday cheer!

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