Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Angel Tree Topper

No Christmas tree is complete without a topper.  My family has always had an angel at the top of the tree.  Now that I'm on my own, my tree needed its own angel to be on top.  I had originally planned to just find someone else's tutorial and follow their instructions.  After way too much searching, I hadn't come up with anything I liked!  I found some beautiful ones that you would have to be an artist to made.  I also found ones that were overly simplistic and wouldn't have matched my decor.  So, despite wanting to take this one easy, I had to figure it out on my own.  Now, hopefully, I can save you from the same problem.

Materials: Styrofoam Cone, 1.5 Inches Wide Burlap Ribbon, Silver Wire, Straight Pins, Hot glue, 20" x 20" hemmed material (fabric napkins work well), Ball Ornament, Knife, Spoon, Scissors

1.  Using your knife and spoon, hollow out the inside of the cone until it is deep enough to sit on top of the tree.

2.  Cut a small hole in the center of your fabric and place it on top of the cone.  This will be the dress of your angel.

3.  Insert the ball ornament into the top of the cone through the hole in the fabric.  This will be the head of your angel.  You may carefully apply glue to hold the head in place if necessary.  Hot glue can melt Styrofoam so be careful.

4.  Cut three pieces of burlap ribbon 20" long each.  Fold the ribbons so they end up approximately 9" long.

5.  Take two of the pieces of ribbon and create a narrow X.  Place the 3rd piece of ribbon across the center of the X.  Hot glue the pieces in this position.

6.  Cut another piece of burlap that is long enough to wrap around the center of the structure you made in Step 5.  Hot glue in place.

7.  Use the straight pins and attach the ribbons to the back of the angel to create the wings.  I used 4 pins.

8.  Take the silver wire and twist it to create a halo and a straight piece to support the halo.  Insert the wire through the fabric and into the Styrofoam just below the head of the angel.

9.  Place the angel on top of the tree and enjoy!

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