Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give Thanks Door Tag

As much as I loved all the Fall Wreaths I posted about on Tuesday, I wanted something that wasn't a wreath to decorate my door.  I wanted something simple.  I also wanted to use burlap.  I wanted something unique.  I also wanted something that I could store until next year without damaging it.  I love this project because the beauty is in its simplicity.  Plus, it carries the perfect reminder I often need after a trying day of teaching, give thanks.

Materials: Printer, Sharpie, Tape, Hot glue, Large Tag Plaque, 1.5 Inches Wide Burlap Ribbon

1.  Print the message "give thanks" in a font that you like.  I used Edwardian Script.  Make it a size that both words will be able to fit on your plaque.

2.  Trace the message on to your wood.  This can be accomplished in one of two methods.
  1. You can follow the method I used in Writing on a Chalkboard Like a Pro.
  2. Tape your words printed side up onto the wood where you want the words to be.  Using a pen, press hard and trace the outline of the words.  The wood should be soft enough that you will be able to press the message into the wood.
3.   Using a Sharpie, trace the message onto the wood.  You may want to check on the back of your wood first to make sure the Sharpie isn't going to bleed too much.  Mine didn't, but you can never be too careful.

4.  Make a bow and attach your plaque with the burlap ribbon.
  1. Fold approximately 7 inches of ribbon back over your ribbon.  Then, fold the same about back over your initial fold.  This will completely hide the end of the ribbon.
  2. Fold your ribbon over again but do it about 1/2 in over from the edge of your previous fold.
  3. Repeat the previous step going in each time until your folded ribbon is only about 3 inches wide.  
  4. Fold your ribbon to where you want the center of your bow to be and triangle fold it up, so it looks like the picture below. 
  5. Wrap the ribbon around the center one and a half times to completely hide the fold.  Your ribbon should be in the back of your bow.  Hot glue the ribbon down in the back.
  6. Pull your ribbon down approximately the length you want your plague to hang down.  Pull the ribbon back up this same amount plus 6-8 inches.  Cut the ribbon at the point
  7. Thread the end of the ribbon through the hole in your plaque.  Bring the ribbon back up past the bow 6-8 inches.
  8. Fold the end of the ribbon back down towards the bow, as seen in the picture below.  Hot glue the end of the ribbon down.

5.   Hang on your door using a wreath hanger or 3M hook and enjoy!