Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Cut Burlap

Burlap is a pretty popular fabric right now.  Everywhere you look something is made of burlap.  Burlap is heavily featured in my holiday decorating this season, too.  The problem?  Burlap can be such a pain to cut!  You end up with strings and fuzz everywhere if you don't cut it just right.  The good news is, burlap is actually super easy to cut if you know what to do.  Keep reading and you'll be shocked at how easy it is to cut perfectly straight and neat burlap every time.

1.  Measure to where you want to make your cut.  Find a thread going in the direction you want to cut that is closest to this measurement.  Place a pin under this thread.

2.  Using the pin, pull this piece of thread up.  As the loop gets bigger, use your fingers to keep pulling.  Your burlap will start bunching up so make sure to keep your thread moving.  If you pull too hard and break the thread, it should be pretty easy to find again and just repeat this step.

3.  Keep pulling until you've removed the entire thread and you should see a blank space where the thread was.

4.  Cut straight down this opening.

5.  You now have two perfectly straight and unfrayed pieces of burlap!

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