Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bathroom Art: Bathtub

Another room that is often ignored in your living space in the bathroom.  You put up a shower curtain you like.  You match the bathmats and towels to that shower curtain.  Done, right?  A piece of art in the bathroom can go a long way, particularly if it's the bathroom your guests use.  I wanted an inexpensive and easy piece of art for my bathroom; here's how you can make your own.

Just like the Laundry Room Art, the beauty of this project is that you can adapt it for any room.  Pick a different image to draw or even do lettering and words.  Follow the same instructions and create your own unique work of art.

Materials: 11" x 14" Artists Quality Stretched Canvas, pencil, hot glue gun, hot glue, medium or high viscosity acrylic paint

1.  Draw on your canvas.  I drew a bath tub and added some bubbles to the top.  Make sure to make your drawing large enough that you will be able to follow your lines with hot glue later. If you make any mistakes or are unhappy with your drawing, erase it and try again.  You will paint over everything later, so don't worry about eraser marks.

2.  Trace over your lines with hot glue.  Wait until your hot glue gun is warmed up so your glue will come out evenly.  Place the hot glue over the pencil lines you drew in step one.  If at the end of this step you are unhappy with your work, wait until the hot glue has dried completely.  Then, you can peel it off the canvas and start over.  You will see your hot glue work, so do not move on until you are satisfied with how your hot glue looks.

3.  Let the hot glue dry and cool completely.

4.  Paint the canvas.  It is critical that you use medium or high viscosity paint.  Low quality acrylic paint will not cover the hot glue.  Paint over your entire canvas, including the hot glue work, in the color of your choice.  Don't forget to paint the sides.  I recommend a color that goes with your bathroom color scheme.  I painted mine silver.

5.  Let the paint dry completely.  A blow dryer can be used to speed up this process.

6.  Hang your artwork in the bathroom and enjoy.  I recommend using the Command Strips so you don't have to bother with hardware and nails in the wall.

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