Thursday, June 12, 2014

Resizing Pillow Cases

I'm a side sleeper.  There are tons of awesome pillows out their for side sleepers, but the problem I have is that they never fit in my pillow cases!  The memory foam insert down covered pillows that have become so popular are too thick to fit comfortably in most standard pillow cases.  When jammed into a standard pillow case, these pillows lose their fluffy factor and turn into a brick.  King pillow cases are larger, but they are also way longer to the point of looking bad.

What is the solution for this problem?  Buy King pillow cases and resize them!

Materials:  Sewing machine, complementary thread color, scissors, ruler, marking pencil, king pillow case, standard pillow case.

Repeat all of the following steps for each pillow case you want to resize.

1.  Turn your king pillow case inside out

2.  Line the opening of your standard pillow case up with the opening of the king pillow case.

3.  Take your ruler and line it up with the end of your standard pillow case.  Using your marking pencil, mark this line on the king pillow case.

4.  Using your sewing machine, run a straight seam down the line your drew in the previous step.  This will create the length your new pillow case will be.

5.  Run a zig-zag seam just outside of the straight seam you just made.  I kept pillow case in the same location I had it previously.  This caused the zig-zag to just touch my previous seam.  This step will prevent fraying of your new pillow case.

6.  Cut the excess fabric off.  Just outside the zig-zag stitch, cut off the extra fabric.  Leaving this excess fabric on would result in the pillowcase becoming bulky, which we don't want.

7.  Turn your pillow cases right side in.  Put it on your pillow and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you! It was incredibly hard to find a tutorial for this.