Thursday, June 19, 2014

Glass Magnets

I grew up with a refrigerator covered in magnets: advertisements, school crafts, word poetry, etc.  You name it, it was probably on the refrigerator.  Now that I have my own refrigerator, I see the purpose of magnets, but I don't want ugly magnets advertising for services and companies I don't even use.  To solve my problem, I made cheap and artistic glass magnets.  I consider it magnetic art.  Also, these make great small gifts to give people.

Materials:  Clear glass stones (Vase Filler), Mod Podge, small paint brush, pencil, scissors or x-actor knife, magnets ( Round Disc  or Strip), magazine

1.  Take one of your glass stones and move it over different pictures and/or patterns in a magazine until you find what you want for the background of your magnet.

2.  Cut out your picture/pattern.  I cut out the picture larger than I need first.  Then, I trace my stone on the picture.  Last, I cut just inside my traced circle.

3.  Attach your picture to the flat back of your glass stone.  Get a little bit of Mod Podge on the paintbrush.  Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of the glass stone.  Place the picture directly onto the back of the stone.

4.  Let the Mod Podge dry completely.  The Mod Podge will be completely clear once it dries.  Do not move the pictures while drying.  During this time, I often make more magnets.

Step 5 depends on whether you bought the round disc magnets or the strip.  Follow the instructions based on what you bought.

5a.  Round Discs- Peel the backing off one round disc revealing the adhesive.  Stick the magnet on the back of the glass stone

5b.  Strip- Trace the shape of your glass stone(s) on the paper side of the magnetic strip.  Cut the traced circle out.  Peeling the backing off your cut out revealing the adhesive.  Stick the magnet on the back of the glass stone.

Note:  If the adhesive on your magnets isn't very strong.  Place just a dot of hot glue on the magnet and firmly press the stone down.

6.  Place the magnet on your magnetic surface of choice and enjoy!

Other ideas for this project:
  • Put different letters of the alphabet on the magnets so you can create words.
  • Use scrapbook paper and make patterned magnets
  • Minimize and print small versions of your favorite photographs and put them on these magnets

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